VIVID CURVE Loon Lake CD Recording Session

This was the second time recording this remarkably talented group (see Zumwald for the previous recordings) and the first 'formal' recording session with goals for at least producing a demo CD if not something suitable for general release.  The Vivid Curve group left the session outcome open and freely experimented with many acoustic techniques.

Since Sonic Studios (Recording Division) is exclusively involved with location sound recording, I personally chose the Loon Lake campground (previously lived for 9 years in this location of Oregon) for its beautiful surroundings and good chance of little noise interference during the sessions.   This particular campground was virtually empty being the weekend after the Labor Day holiday.


PRODUCTION NOTES:   (Equipment used to make these recordings)

The photo at left shows one instance where the reverb/echo "effects" of the didge where speaker-amp outputted just behind the vocal/guitar and acoustically recorded with the DSM + LiteGUY HRTF baffle.

DAT session tapes were later quickly transferred to DAW (a Dell Inspiron Laptop's 14 Gig Hard Disk) by playing the TCD-D100 recorded tape on a Sony PCM-R500 PRO transport  using  the S/PDIF output to Opcode's DATport USB audio device.  

The DATport USB ported digital audio was laptop recorded to .wav file and then rough track CD(s) were created for the musician's benefit of having session results to take home for later track review & selection.  The rough track start/end edit and burn was accomplished using CeQuadrat 3.5 software and Adaptec PCMCIA SCSI card adapter connected S&F 4012 CD-R drive.  

One notable thing about this particular session , it was done (recordings, editing, rough track CD-R production) while parked in the campground during the 2.5 day stay.  The beauty of the surroundings (with the good weather) provided the group with an exceptional musically inspiring and relaxed environment to produce this work.  This kind of working ambient is most difficult to duplicate with the more conventional type of fixed location studio.  

With another days stay, a completely edited/mastered CD with printed label and cover art should've been easily accomplished.  The Sonic Studios "Mobile Location Recording Service" is what I've been working for years to accomplish.  

Interested musicians, composers, music festival producers, and performing groups within 600 miles of Roseburg may well consider contracting Sonic Studios Remote Recording Service for their next CD project.

Loon Lake Session .MP3 Sound Clips

NOTE: MP3 clips are good quality 128kbps 44.1k or higher quality VBR Stereo; best to DOWNLOAD these files first, then play from the file directly. 

DOWNLOAD "Eyes of Nostradamos" VBR MP3 ........... 7:21 / 8.24 MEG .......... (Mastered by Leonardo)

DOWNLOAD "Rob'N On King's Highway" 3.02 MEG; 3:07 MIN 

DOWNLOAD "Four And Twenty" 6.55 MEG; 6:04 MIN

DOWNLOAD "World Turning" 19.99 MEG; 15:37 MIN

DOWNLOAD "The Micro Organism" 5.66 MEG; 6:11 MIN


Eyes Of Nostradamus Loon Lake Recording Session  9/10-12/1999

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