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Consider Sharp's MD-MS722, MT821, MT15/20, MT90, SR60, in fact, ALL Sharp MiniDisc Models As The Very Best Featured MD Portables For Live (DSMô) Mic'd Stereo Sound & Music Recording

MD-MS722 Features


Sharp MD-MS722 MiniDISC Specifications#1

MD-MT20 Model (shown below) has ability to run a full 8 hours with using the supplied Rechargeable NiMH cell pack or with two Alkaline type cells INSIDE; 11 hours time with also using 1 AA Alkaline in the included external battery case. This (now sold out) model is obviously well suited for wilderness, travel, and Foreign excursions with ability to run long on any kind of AA Cell.

The MD-MT20 has adequate, but shortened 10 Second playback shock memory, cheaper NON-LCD back-lit TYPE Remote, and while having a slot for attaching a wrist strap, Sharp leaves this 'safety' accessory item out of the bundle this time.

MD-MT20 is a Pro- Featured MiniDisc Portable

SORRY, MT20 model is SOLD OUT, and is virtually identical to SOLD OUT MD-MT15(S)

TIP: Always secure the Mic Cord along the back of the deck

(MD-MT20 is shown here; see also recording tips section)

Sonic Studios will Install (at no charge by request*) the Velcro Mic Plug/Cord Securing Arrangement on each Sharp MiniDisc Ordered

(*as Shown in the photo)


While I personally like the more robust build of the MS722 Slot loader design, I have to admit that even the most compact and lightweight MT821 clam loader model still offers just as good recording quality, reliability, and (identical to the MS722) professional type features.


*ALSO, Mic Jack/Plug are Cleaned & ProGold Treatment Enhanced.

 This Virtually Eliminates Mini-Stereo Connector Noise & Reliability Issues.





PLEASE NOTE: SORRY, SONIC STUDIOS is all sold out here and Sharp NO LONGER SELLS MD in USA, but for

most recent IMPORTED from JAPAN models go to or

Please keep Sonic Studios in mind for our main business:

DSM stereo microphones, complete recording systems, and recording accessories

Take your Pick. Some are slightly smaller in size

NOTE: Some Sharp MiniDISC models (like those below) operate on ANY type of AA battery. Most ideal for foreign or remote location projects

MD-SR60 1 AA Battery for up to 4.5 hours recording time

NOTE: Using 1 regular Alkaline AA batterie will operate the MT90 for less time. Using L91 Eveready Photo Lithium cells will operate all these decks for up to 200% longer than NiMH AA cell run-time ratings.

MD-MT90 with using 1 AA cell = 3 Hr. recording (w/alkaline) to 7 Hrs (w/NiMH), and L91 Lithium = over 12 Hr.



NOTE: Virtually identical MT15(S) is still available from stock

NOTE: Decks are shown ~ 60% actual size.

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