It's About Time Big Band+Judy Jordan Vocals

(All Clips Encoded @ 160Kbps 44.1k As MPEG-1 Layer 3 )

IAT Big Band HRTF Stereo Recording SessionThe Oregon South West Community College in North Bend had been sponsoring the IAT Big Band for several years already before scheduling this October 30, 1999 recording session.


Bandleader (& Slide Trombone) Ken Masters is shown at left directing a portion of the session while vocalist Judy Jordan is depicted at right singing the "Orange Colored Sky" arrangement.

The session recording was done using two mic positions, one just for Big Band instrumentals and a different setup for vocal arrangements.  The Vocal arrangements were both PA mic'd and outputted to two widely spaced PA speakers positioned about the second row at ground level.  


The direct vocal output sounds from Judy + PA  were both captured by the LiteGUY HRTF Baffle +DSM mic system (as shown in the photo above right) .  

The LiteGUY HRTF Baffle (with DSM-6S/M stereo mic) were positioned just above the vocal PA mic and recorded an acoustic mix of Judy's voice, the Big Band instruments, and the PA amplified vocals as PA speaker sounds.  

The Big Band Instrumental musical portions were recorded with the LiteGUY boom mounted HRTF baffle positioned as depicted at left.  The Boom-mounted DSM-12B mic preamplifier output signal was 75 ohm line-level to a 35 foot length of (75 ohm terminated) cable.  This served as line input to a Sony TCD-D100 portable DAT deck and monitored with a set of Sony MDR-D77 headphones.





DOWNLOAD  Judy Jordan's "Orange Colored Sky" Vocal

2.7 MEG ... (orange.mp3) ... 2:13 Minutes

DOWNLOAD  Judy Jordan's "Girl From Ipanema" Vocal

6.6 MEG ... (ipanema.mp3) ... 6:27 Minutes

DOWNLOAD  Judy Jordan's "Beginning to See the Light" Vocal

3.6 MEG ... (beselite.mp3) ... 2:32 Minutes


  3.36 MEG ... (dreamsvl.mp3) ... 2:51 Minutes


  3.6 MEG ... (shinysto.mp3) ... 3:12 Minutes

DOWNLOAD    IAT's "MARIE" Big Band Vocals

  3.6 MEG ... (marie.mp3) ... 3:16 Minutes


BONUS DOWNLOAD    IAT at the BAY CLUB "1993 Live Big Band Dance Clip" Instrumental

4.8 MEG ...192 Kbps . . . . 44.1 Stereo . . . . (bigband.mp3) ... 3:18 Minutes

Bay Club Recording Note: Recorded directly in front, just right of center, at 1 meter distance from the Band's Sax section with:DSM-6S/M GUY-Baffled Stereo Mic, DSM-12B Prototype Servo Mic Preamplifier, TCD-D7 DAT deck

(SAD NOTE: The Bay Club (located in Empire district of Coos Bay Oregon) is now no longer, it quickly burned to the ground one early morning a few years ago. There are no plans to build another so the IAT band took up residence playing in the Old Town Hall in Coos Bay, but the acoustics are not nearly as nice as was the Bay Club)

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